Hunger Games Party!

by Tilly

I totally forgot about blogging on Sunday! But anyways, we had a ton of fun at the Hunger Games party, and mom took lots of pictures. So here they are!

And Here , here ,and  here are links to the blog posts she did, the first link is about the food and games, the second is about the costumes, and the third has a few more pictures.

Isn’t this awesome! She’s a Capitol citizen.

Also a Capitol citizen, can you guess who this is?

I was dressed up as Katniss. Hey. It’s hard to be serious when you’re supposed to be.

Ha! There:p

Hez was an AWESOME Haymitch! He has the hair, the posture, the clothes, the face….

Dev was dressed up as Clove. It was actually really fun making her head wound, although I’m sure her brothers are disappointed it was fake 😉 The fake wounds were AWESOME, we mixed glue, food coloring and dirt. The more dirt, the thicker and grittier it is. It’s awesome!

We set up an obstacle course in the back! It was so awesome- down the hill, over the tires, over three logs, over a huge pile of tree branches, around a tree, through a web of yarn between two trees, up the tunnel (we stood it on one end) and back down, through a tire between two trees, to the ‘cornucopia’ which was really a stump. It’s was awesome!

About to start the obstacle course!

There was a reaping too- you got your name entered if you showed up, if you were wearing a costume your name was entered again. For running the obstacle course and for each of the swordfighting or archery stations you visited, you got another entry. At the end of the party, Grandma Cindy drew a boy’s name and a girl’s name. The winners got a $10 Fred Myers gift card.

Grandma Cindy as Effie Trinket

Devon won the girl’s gift card, but Kalina volunteered. Dev wasn’t too happy about that:

Oh man, I really like this picture, it’s SO funny!

Enoch- as Seneca Crane- won the other gift card.

Yes. Grandma Cindy was- THE AWESOMEST!!! She got SUGAR CUBES!!!!!!! The mug they’re in is SO district four, too! I was SOOOOO SOOO excited when I saw she got them, I was literally jumping up and down and screaming. Kinda embarrassing, but whatever- I was really, really excited! I was actually really surprised when I saw they were all gone by the end of the night- but there WAS a lot of boys there.

This picture(or pictures, whatev) totally make me laugh! It’s super funny. RIGHT DEV?! :p

When I was at Dev’s house Thursday, we made pita bread! We also made these AWESOME cupcakes, Dev made the sugar glass on top:

They’re just a plain cake, but we separated the batter into three different containers and used food coloring to make the batter red, orange and yellow. Then we put a little of each color in the muffin tins, swirled it around with a toothpick. It looked really cool.

It was tons of fun:) I’ll blog about the jr. Ski to Sea later, when mom’s finished with the pictures.


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